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Friday, 04 April 2014 07:51

Windows Azure: configure endpoints

Windows Azure is the Cloud platform of Microsoft.

I've a virtual machine with windows server 2012 R2 and SharePoint 2013 and I use it to prepare demos, to share environment with my team, make tests, etc. Very often I need to navigate my test environment with a public url and I use the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the machine.

The problem generally is to have on the same URL more sites that need to be available. The solution is to use:

  • alternate access mapping (AAM) on SharePoint with a particula port (>1024)
  • Add the binding for the site on IIS  with the same port specified on the AAM
  • allow that port on the Windows Firewall.

At this point, the last action to is to go on the azure web platform, select the virtual machine and you need to add an endpoint where you are mapping a public port (that will be used through the internet) with the port specified in IIS and on the AAM.

Et voila, now you can navigate the site via internet by a specific port.
For each site that you need to navigate by internet, you need to make the previous steps with a different port.

Note: if you have "Timeout error" when you surf the site via Internet, you need to check that on the Windows Server Firewall is added the exception for the port that the site is using.

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