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Have you ever written a timer job in SharePoint to read from or writing to a term store in Managed Metadata, you might have done so and faced the error:
"The current user has insufficient permissions to perform this operation"
Even if you try to run the code with SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(), or with your own account from Visual Studio, it will still give you the same problem.
The thing is, that the timer job runs with its own service, which is “SharePoint 2010 Timer”, see the below image.

The user running this service has to have access to the term store administrators in Central Administration, see the image below:


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During a Term store import, you can incurr in a "Import-SPMetadataWebServicePartitionData: You do not have permission to use the bulk load statement" error as image below.

To resolve this problem, you must add the Managed Metadata Service Application user into bulkadmin DB role.

  1. If you don't now Managed Metadata Service Application user
    • open IIS Manager
    • search the Metadata Application Pool (select an Application pool, click on "View Applications" and see if contains the Metadata Service)
    • when you find the Metadata Applciation Pool, the Identity user is the Metadata Service Application user.
  2. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
    • click on Security, Server Roles, and double click on bulkadmin Role.
    • in the new window, click on add and write the user finded on the previous step.

After this operation, you can Import your Metadata without problems.

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