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Recently, I faced a really thorny issue regarding the search engine of SharePoint 2013 . After moving some pages from into a folder, I've created a Content Search Web Part (CSWP) to display that pages. I don't know why but some search results are displayed as duplicate values.

An option to resolve the issue is to use the Search Results Web Part that is able to give matching results because the query builder gives a Remove Duplicates option in the Settings tab. Unfortunately, the CSWP does not give this option on its Settings tab. Moreover, the default settings for the CSWP is to trim the duplicated values. The setting is, however, actually available in the web part definition and to be sure of its configuration I've:

  • exported the web parts
  • found the string "TrimDuplicates". If the value is "true" it means that the CSWP should remove the duplicates, if "false" not (it’s the equivalent of the Remove Duplicates option in the Search Results web part)

So why are we still getting duplicates? Probably there is a bug on the CSWP. To understand better the problem, I found this blog where it is described the current scenario and there are more details.

At the end, to fix this issue through a workaround (worked for me), I've followed these steps:

  1. In the CSWP query builder, go to the Refiners tab
  2. Click the little “Show more” link at the bottom
  3. In the “Group By” dropdown, select “—Show all properties—“ and then select DocumentSignature
  4. Click on the "OK" button a save the page


You should now see the correct number of results with the CSWP.




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