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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 07:27

Search configuration (also for anonymous)

Search Service Application Configuration

To configure the SharePoint 2010 search, first of all must create a Search Service Application.

To do this, goto Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage service Applications -> New -> Search service application. For my scopes, I've created an administrator account on my machine only for the crawler and during the Search Service Application creation, I've used this account as crawler account.

After that, I've setup two content sources:

  • One: this content source is used to index the content
    • Name: Local SharePoint sites
    • Content Source Type: SharePoint Sites
    • Start Addresses: http://<URL web app> (For each web apps). Remember that if you have an anonymous zone and it's URL is different by the site collection URL, it is preferable that you specify only anonymous url otherwise into anonymous zone, the content search can be empty.
  • Two: this content source is used to index the user profile
    • Name: spw.m.My.all
    • Content Source Type: SharePoint Sites
    • Start Addresses: sps3://<URL web app> (For each web apps).

First to launch a content full crawl, add the crawler user into a sharepoint group that have permission to read the content. After that, you can launch a full crawl of Local SharePoint sites content sorce.

To be sure that the search works fine, go to Crawl log (the link is on the left menù of search service application). For both contente soruces, see that there aren't Top level error (or if there are, you must correct them).


User Profile indexing

To have all user profile properties as Crawled and Mapped properties (to use after into the people search webparts), I advice to create a new sharepoint user profile and populate it with all information.
Do that, launch a full crawl of the content source spw.m.My.all.


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