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Luca Costante - Items filtered by date: June 2014

In these days I'm working on a Custom Claim Provider that assign claims reading data from the User Profiles, SharePoint Groups, Custom DataBases, LDAP, etc.

Today I've a strange problem: when I use the People Picker, the system found the item (into the DB) ma not shows it (see the image below).

The problem is on a miss-match from the URL schema specified into the method FillClaimTypes (that is called when you enable the Farm feature that turn on your Custom Claim Provider and sets the allowed URLs) and the URL schema assigned to your claim.

I've resolved assigning the same schema URL and now all works fine.


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If you have a slowly (virtual) machine, you can ran into an issue when creating a new SharePoint 2013 web application.

Everything appeared to be going correctly until the dialog box displayed "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". 

If you make some check, you can observe that:

  • in IIS the Application Pool and Site were both created as well
  • some virtual directorys are empty
  • the content database is not created

The problem is a time out in IIS.

You need to increase the time on IIS in order to give to SharePoint the time to create all components. To do that, you need to

  1. Open IIS Manager and select the SharePoint Central Administration Application Pool (many thanks This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for the tests)
  2. On the right hand side of the window click Select Application Pool Defaults
  3. Change the following 3 Process Model time settings from 90 to 400
    1. Ping Maximum Response Time
    2. Shutdown Time Limit
    3. Startup Time Limit

Now, you are able to create correctly the web applications.

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