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Luca Costante - Items filtered by date: March 2014
Tuesday, 04 March 2014 22:46

How to use and configure large lists


we need to store into lists a lot of elements. All developers that know SharePoint knows that in the OOB views there is the limit of 5000 items.
I want suggest these recommendations to create a definition for a list that have a lot of elements:

  • allow the folders and create an event receiver in order to store the items into the folders (maximum 5000 items for each folder)
  • enable one o more indexed columns (not on the ID field and the best fields are text fields). Each column that will be used for where condition or $filter condition need to enabled as indexed column
  • if you are quering on lookup column, you must use this

<FieldRef Name='ColumnName' LookupId='TRUE' /><Value Type='Integer'   >LOOKUP_ITEM_ID</Value>

In the case that you have already the list and you have exceeded the threshold, these are the steps for the work around:

  • from the central administration, modify the threshold value up to the current list count on the current web application
  • add the indexed column
  • create a view that contains less of 5000 items (for example with where condition on created date)
  • from the central administration, reset the threshold value to 5000 on the current web application

In the case that you want to use the REST API on the list, remember that all fields that you need to apply $filter condition, need to defined as indexed column, otherwise you'll have the error "Internal server error".

See these links for more details

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