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Monday, 05 November 2012 08:49

Manipulate Navigation code behind defect [Resolved]

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While I was implementing an sorting code behind for the global navigation (or current), I found a defect in SharePoint 2010. The property web.Navigation.TopNavigationBar (or web.Navigation.QuickLaunch) always returns 0 items until you make a change through the UI (Site Action -> Site settings -> Navigation settings) and after that you can take action code behind and manipulate the sorting.

I needed to do it all without any interaction with the UI. To do this I had to add only the first time all nodes into the SPNavigationNodeCollection.

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//This block fixes the SharePoint defect ------------------------
var count = (from SPNavigationNode node in NavigationNodes
             where string.Compare(node.Properties["NodeType"] as string, "Area", true) == 0
             select node).Count();
if (count < pweb.GetPublishingWebs().Count)
    Dictionary<string, SPNavigationNode> nodeHash = new Dictionary<string, SPNavigationNode>();
    foreach (SPNavigationNode node in NavigationNodes)
        nodeHash.Add(node.Url, node);
    foreach (PublishingWeb subweb in pweb.GetPublishingWebs())
        if (!nodeHash.ContainsKey(subweb.Url))
            string relUrl = subweb.ParentPublishingWeb.Uri.MakeRelativeUri(subweb.Uri).ToString();
            SPNavigationNode nn = SPNavigationSiteMapNode.CreateSPNavigationNode(
                    subweb.Title, relUrl, NodeTypes.Area,
                    (string.Compare(navigationType,"global",true)==0 ? web.Navigation.TopNavigationBar : web.Navigation.QuickLaunch));

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